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SKP Handel makes your business flow.


Our office is located in Hamburg, Germany and our team is ready to make your business be successful with meeting our best-in-class services for your overseas procurement demands, especailly from European Community.


Our company is dedicated in international commercial trade for specialised kind of products with much years of background in this industry.


For exports from Euroepan Union, we are handling only EU Origin/Brand of products,

our business units are divided into two sectors as Automotive team and Home Appliances team.


Our team shall provide expertise of consulting tor you for professional supply of all kinds from European Union.


1. Life/Home Appliances of products (e.g. Electric Hob, Design Furniture, Coffee Machine - All Kinds)

2. Brand-new cars. ( passenger car and cargo truck/trailer for all operational purpose) both are available.

3. Automotive spare parts

4. Automotive Lubricants

5. Other market promsing commodities per customer demand for export to the worldwide.


SKP Handel shall apply its renowned operational expertise for your success.


Sincerely yours.

SKP Handel Hamburg



International Commerical Trade


We deliver best satisfactions with proven reputation of products in European Market.


Supply Chain Control


We provide you with the bonus in controlling the shipping process with budget-wise solutions.


Product Technical Support


with quality assurance program, we provide continuous technical advice/supporting program to the buyer.

S+K Principle for Customer


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  • We are at the extension for the customer business.
  • Think First and Step Ahead of competition.
  • Control the costs everyday.
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Segeberger Chaussee 125a

22850 Norderstedt


Tel: +49 40 50694022



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